Ligand Design in Rh(diene)-Mediated "Carbene" Polymerization; Efficient Synthesis of High-Mass, Highly Stereoregular, and Fully Functionalized Carbon-Chain Polymers.
E. Jellema, A.L. Jongerius, A.J.C. Walters, J.M.M. Smits, J.N.H. Reek, and B. de Bruin.
Organometallics (2010), 29, 2823-2826.

Abstract: Stereoselective polymerization of "carbenes" from diazo esters mediated by[(L-prolinate)Rh(1)(Me(2)cod)] allows the formation of highly syndiotactic, fully functionalized carbon-chain polymers with the highest reported molecular weights in high yields, thus providing the best currently available catalyst for this new reaction.