Paired Twins and {11(2)over-bar} Morphology in GaP Nanowires
Algra RE, Verheijen MA, Feiner LF, et al.
NANO LETTERS   Volume: 10   Issue: 7   Pages: 2349-2356
Paired twins example
Formation of random as well as periodic planar defects can occur during vapor−liquid−solid growth of nanowires with the zinc-blende crystal structure. Here we investigate the formation of pairs of twin planes in GaP nanowires. In such pairs, the first twin plane is formed at a random position, rapidly followed by the formation of a second twin plane of which the position is directly related to that of the first one. We show that the triangular {11} morphology of the nanowire is a key element in the formation of these twin pairs. We have extended our previous kinetic nucleation model and show that this describes the development of the nanowire morphology and its relation with the formation of single and paired twin planes.